About Me?

I'm sure you'll want to know who will be handling your photos! I am a 30 something Web Developer and Graphical Designer with over 14 years commercial experience in design/programming. I have a passion for Photo Restoration and saw an opening in the "market" for a service that users can use for free.

All photos that I handle will be treated professionally and restored with great pride by me! You can opt-in or out of having your picture featured in my gallery of restorations on this site. No imagery will be used on any other websites or in any way other than for restoration purposes.



I'm number one in the queue and have been for ages, what gives??
Photo restoration takes some time, in some cases days. Please be patient, you'll get your image in time.

Why won't my image upload?
It should be fine, try again. If the same thing happens - perhaps try a different web browser or drop me an email to the address at the bottom of the page.

Will you use my image in any other way?
No. Your image will only be added to the gallery if you choose it to be using the form on this site. I do not share any information with anyone!

Can I request stupid things like googly eyes?
If you wish, you may. Note that these may be prioritised below serious requests.

I've uploaded my photo but I can't see myself in the queue?
You can either try again or email me using the email address at the bottom of the page.

I like what you've done, how can I help you?
Please donate! Unfortunately photo restoration does use resources (specifically time). So the more donations - the easier it becomes for me to continue to provide this service! You could also click the advert at the bottom of the page to support me!



    The Photo Restoration Project
    Version 0.5 Alpha Pre-Release

    The completely free photo restoration service


    Submissions are currently disabled until I catch up with the 150 current images I have to restore. Please bear with me. Thank you!

    Having troubles?
    Please ensure you are using an up-to-date browser (Chrome/Firefox/Internet Explorer 9+). If you still cannot get the page to work correctly, try emailing your image to me restore@nuhack.com.

    I will not use your photos for any purposes other than showing a before and after on this site.